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We are extremely proud to announce that RICH Satin Touch Professional Ceramic Styler has won Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2014!


With hundreds of new products hitting the shelves every month, you need to know what’s worth your hard-earned cash. Whose opinion should you trust more then the panel of experts whose mission is to find the perfect product?

The Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards are voted by a panel of experts with over 250 products nominated. It´s one of the most prestigious beauty awards! RICH has won Cosmopolitan Beauty Award four years in a row now!

So, why should you try RICH Pure Luxury Gold Ceramic Styling Iron?

First, trust the opinion of experts!

Secondly, RICH Pure Luxury Gold Ceramic Styling Iron’s special curved nano ionic 1inch plates will transform hair in seconds. The tourmaline technology removes static to create smooth frizz-free hair and also seals-in your hairs’ natural oils and moisture to create beautiful hair.

And thirdly, the plates heat up to 210C in just 60 seconds plus you can easily adjust the temperature between 80oC – 210oC depending on your hair type. There’s even a 3 m cord with 360 degree swivel action to ensure easy, tangle-free styling.

We´re proud! We´re VERY proud!

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